Create an API key

Recommended to use an Integration System User (ISU).

  • Navigate to Menu > System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration. View UKG Pro service accounts UKG Pro
  • Create a new service account for eqtble. Select Add. Create a service account for eqtble UKG Pro
  • Provide the necessary permissions to this API key. For the eqtble integration, the service account must have View permission for Company Configuration Integration. Learn more about permissions for service accounts here. Select service account permissions. UKG Pro

Provide eqtble with the following info

Connection NameGive this connection a unique name that identifies which instance it is connected to.
UsernameThe user connecting to this UKG Pro instance. Learn how to create an UKG Pro service account here.
PasswordThe password to the account.
API URLThe base API URL.If the Login endpoint is: The base API URL will be:
Customer API KeyThe customer API key for the master company.


Ensure that you give this API credential the necessary permission. If permissions are not configured correctly, certain actions/triggers may not work as intended - even if the connection is successful. See the required permissions below.

To operate on employee objects, it is recommended to have the following permissions enabled (View, Add, Edit).

  • Company Configuration Integration
  • Employee Person Details
  • Employee Employment Information
  • Employee job
  • Employee contacts
  • Employee Compensation Details
  • PTO Plan Integration
  • Employee Job History Details
  • Personnel Integration
  • Employee Export

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