Before you begin

You must be a SAP SuccessFactors administrator to complete this task.

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Integrate eqtble with SAP SuccessFactors

1. Find your SAP SuccessFactors API URL

From the list of SAP SuccessFactors API servers, search for the environment that matches your subdomain. For example, if your domain was, search for salesdemo4. Make a note of the API Server URL corresponding to your Environment and Location.

2. Find your SAP SuccessFactors username and company ID

  1. Log in to SAP SuccessFactors.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner to view your username. Copy your username.
  3. In the same dropdown, click Show Version Information. Copy your company ID.

3. Register a client application

  1. Go to Admin Center > API Center > OAuth Configuration for OData.

    You can also access the tool by searching for “Manage OAuth2 Client Applications”.

  2. Click Register Client Application.

  3. For the Application Name field, enter eqtble.

  4. For the Application URL field, enter

  5. Click Generate X.509 Certificate

  6. For the Common Name field, enter the name of your company.

  7. For the Organization field, enter eqtble.

  8. Ensure the Enable validity check checkbox. is unchecked.

  9. Click Generate.

  10. Once the certificate is generated, click Download. You will download a Certificate.pem file.

  11. Click Register.

  12. On the OAuth Client Applications page, click View next to the eqtble application.

  13. Copy the Client ID.

4. Integrate eqtble with SAP SuccessFactors

  1. Sign in to the eqtble app.
  2. Navigate to Organization Settings. eqtble organization settings
  3. Select Integrations and select SAP SuccessFactors eqtble ukg dimensions
  4. Paste your Username, Password, App Key, Client ID into the form. eqtble ukg dimensions
  5. For the certificate, open the Certificate.pem file you downloaded earlier in a text editor. Copy the text between -----BEGIN ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY----- and -----END ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY----- and paste it into the Certificate field.
  6. Click Save

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