2. Deel


  1. Access Token
  2. API Sandbox Account
  3. Step by step guide from Deel

Generate the access token

  • Select the Apps & Integrations tab and then select the Developer Center Deel
  • Generate a token and choose a unique name Deel
  • Copy the token and store it in a safe place You won’t be able to see the token again, so make sure you remember where you’ve copied it! Deel You can find more information on token creation in our API documentation guides.

Create an API sandbox account

The Deel API Sandbox is a test account that our clients and partners can use to test the API with sample data during the implementation phase. Users will be able to easily create a sandbox account (containing sample data) from the developer center in the Deel platform.

  • Create new sandbox with an email address and password Deel
  • Click Confirm to create a sandbox You can click Go To Sandbox to enter the sandbox immediately
  • Access the sandbox from the Deel platform by clicking Go To Sandbox You can find more information on sandbox creation in our API documentation guides. Deel

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