2. Paylocity


  1. Client ID
  2. Client Secret

Steps to get the Client ID and Client Secret

  • Complete the Paylocity Web Services - Access Request form. Here is a helpful image on how to fill out the form and what we need for eqtble.

Please note - we typically run analytics on compensation, gender, race/ethnicity and other sensitive data. Please discuss with the eqtble team if there is concern around sharing this data. Paylocity

  1. Subject: Requesting Client ID and Client Secret
  2. Body: Hi, can we get access to a Client ID and Client Secret for API access? ( https://www.paylocity.com/our-products/integrations/api-library/) We have attached the form specifying relevant permissions.
  • You should then receive your client ID and client secret from Paylocity.
  • Please share the client ID and client secret with eqtble securely either via 1Password or encrypted email.

Did we miss something? Have a question? Email us at integrations@eqtble.com to let us know.