Before you begin

You must be a Greenhouse administrator to create an API key

Need help? Let eqtble set up UKG Pro Recruiting for you. We will schedule a call with whoever is the UKG Pro Recruiting admin on your side.

Integrate eqtble with UKG Pro Recruiting

1. Request a Client ID and Client Secret

To integrate eqtble with UKG Pro Recruiting, you will need to request a Client ID and Client Secret from UKG Pro Recruiting support. Please contact UKG Pro Recruiting support and request a Client ID and Client Secret for the integration.

2. Find your UKG Pro subdomain

  1. Log in to your UKG Pro portal
  2. Navigate to System Configuration, then Security and then Web Services
  3. Find the Web Service Hostname for your environment. It will look something like this:
  4. Make a note of the subdomain (e.g. subdomain in the example above) as you will need it later.

3. Find your UKG Pro tenant name

Your UKG Pro tenant name is given by UKG and can usually be found when you log into UKG Pro Recruiting. It can be identified as the second part of the URL after “”, e.g.

4. Integrate eqtble with UKG Pro Recruiting

  1. Sign in to the eqtble app.
  2. Navigate to Organization Settings. eqtble organization settings
  3. Select Integrations and select UKG Pro Recruiting eqtble ukg pro recruiting
  4. Paste your Client ID, Client Secret, Subdomain, and Tenant name into the form. eqtble ukg pro recruiting
  5. Click Save

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