Before you begin

You must be a Lattice super admin to create an API key

Need help? Let eqtble set up Lattice for you

We will schedule a call with whoever is the Lattice super admin on your side.

Note on security

We always recommend creating a new API key for eqtble. This will allow you to revoke access to eqtble if needed.

Integrate eqtble with Lattice

  1. Sign in to Lattice as a super admin
  2. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Settings > API Keys Lattice
  3. Copy the API key from Lattice when it is shown! Lattice
  4. Login to the eqtble app.
  5. Navigate to Organization Settings. eqtble organization settings
  6. Select Integrations and select Lattice eqtble Lattice integration
  7. Paste your API key into the API Key field and click Save eqtble lattice integration

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