To connect Qualtrics to eqtble, you need a Qualtrics account.

Generate API token

  1. Sign in to your Qualtrics account.
  2. Select Account Settings from the top right-hand corner.
  3. In the My Account window, go to the Qualtrics IDs tab.
  4. In the IDs tab, go to the API section and then click Generate Token.
  5. Make a note of the API token. You will need it to configure with eqtble.

Find data center ID

Find your data center from the URL when you are logged into your Qualtrics account. You can find the ID in the URL before For example, if your URL is, then the data center is ca1. Read Qualtrics’ documentation for more information.

(Optional) Grant permission

If you use XM Directory and want to sync the TRANSACTION_BATCH and BATCH_TRANSACTION_MEMBERSHIP tables,

  1. Go to the Admin page.
  2. In the Users tab, open the permissions window, and then go to the Contacts tab.
  3. Enable the Manage Directory permission and click Save.

Securely Provide eqtble with the required info

Please notify us when you have this info and we will give instructions on how to share.

  1. API Token
  2. Data Center ID