Stories are the main way in eqtble to capture and share your insights. They are a collection of metrics that you can share with your team, c-suite or even just for yourself. The best kind of stories are the ones that blend data and narrative. They are the ones that help you tell a story about your business and help you make better decisions.

Here’s a quick guide on how to build a story in eqtble.

Head to eqtble to get started.

1. Click on New

Step 1 screenshot

2. Add a title and description

✨ We automatically recommend a few metrics based on your story title

Step 2 screenshot

3. You can add or create tags

Tags help you organize and keep track of your different stories

Step 3 screenshot

4. Feel free to click on a few suggested metrics and add them to your story

Step 4 screenshot

That’s it! You successfully created a new story